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Earn yield on BTC.
Just by holding it.

Minting and holding a THOR Asset (Synth) like thor.BTC gives you exposure to a share of RUNE:BTC liquidity pool.

Generate pure single sided yield without pooling RUNE.

Works similarly with other popular layer 1 assets like ETH or LTC.

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Swap layer 1 assets instantly.
At fraction of the cost.

Swapping THOR Assets give you exposure and trading ability on L1 assets yet never the need to settle back to L1 chains.

This means fast trades and low trade costs.

Arbitrage will never be the same again.


Average swap time
Average transaction cost

Goodbye to Impermanent Loss

THOR Assets earn yield on liquidity pools, but have no price
exposure to RUNE and do not experience Impermanent Loss.

Nada, Nothing, Zilch.

It’s magic.

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Borrow against THOR Assets

Soon you can use your THOR assets as collateral for fixed-interest loans.

Never sell your L1 Bitcoin again, lock it up and borrow L1 USDT/USDC.

True freedom.

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